Our team helps you with marketing, branding, website, communications, and fund-raising strategies and solutions. Your project matters to you, therefore, it matters to us. And at the end of the day, you’re the hero and we’re your guide. Let’s start the journey!


I’m Jason Hamrock. Helping our clients achieve their goals is an amazing process and feeling. The strategies used have been developed over my 25-year career and they produce results!

I get hired because of what I implement, not just what I know. I can show you what’s been accomplished through these methods. My clients understand that each project is a process, but gains results when done right.  

I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations around the country. I’m always open to speaking with you. Let’s talk!

Missional Marketing

Over 250 active churches and organizations served

I’m the CEO of Missional Marketing, and I’ve helped guide our company growth by building a stronger relationship with our clients. We serve more than 250 organizations around the country. Our desire is to educate, equip, and expand our clients needs and goals.

Churches are the primary focus of our work. The products and strategies we’ve implemented at Missional Marketing have had tremendous impact in many churches. From capital campaigns to church growth strategies, we desire to bring solutions to the issues churches face.



Web Development

Clients Served

I’ve worked with hundreds of churches around the country. My goal is to help them reach their goals by providing solutions and a path to success. I’m not the hero in their story, they are. My job is simply to help them understand what they need to do to be successful. Sometimes that includes having me and my team do work for them and sometimes that means equipping them with tools and direction.